Optimized automatic deployment into multicloud

MELODIC is a multicloud optimization platform and automatic deployment solution of the application to different cloud providers without changing configuration – full cloud agnostic approach. The selection of cloud providers and cloud resources is fully optimized, instead of prices, performance, reliability instead of other factors. After the initial deployment the application is continuously monitored for checking the business goals fulfilment  and appropriately reconfigured to always maintain the optimal operation.  

Multicloud optimization platform

MELODIC supports the automatic resource management and optimal exploitation of single- or multi-vendor resources. The cloud deployment model is translated into the mathematical form and the solved as optimization problem. For solving optimization problem the advanced evolutionary, stochastic learning automata and machine learning methods are used.

Enterprise ready

The architecture of the MELODIC itself is enterprise ready. It pure microservice architecture which used ESB (MuleSoft) as a communication bus between components and BPM (Camunda BPM) as business logic orchestration. All microservices are build as Docker containers. Each of microservices could be deployed in multiple instances to achieve HA configuration. In this way MELODIC approach provides a highly available and scalable system.   

Supported cloud resources

MELODIC allows for full deployment and reconfiguratiton of the following resources: VMs, containers, Big Data frameworks (Spark) and serverless applications.

Bussiness utility-based aproach

The selection of the optimal deployment is based on an innvative utility function approach. The business goals are translated into the form of the utility function, which is used during the process of automatic optimization and deployment.

Multilcoud optimization plaftform management features:

Automatic deployment

Automatic deployment of the application in the cloud - the application is deployed in a fully automatic way. Any application redeployments due to reconfiguration decisions are also automatically performed.

Defining goals

Ability to optimally deploy an application based on its characteristics and defined utility. The unique advantage of MELODIC is the ability to define the business related goals and continuously optimize the application based on these goals.

Big Data support

Support for major Big Data frameworks and data locality awareness - MELODIC allows for dynamically resizing big data clusters in the Clouds based on the current application context.

Enterprise ready

MELODIC introduces a microservice-based architecture that uses ESB as communication bus and BPM for business logic orchestration. It supports all necessary integration protocols and allows for flexible integration with enterprise systems.

What MELODIC can give you

Availability and scalability

Increased reliability and high availability - transparent use of multiple cloud providers transparently.

Cost savings

Cloud Computing cost savings - up to 60%! Proven, based on real business users.

Avoid vendor lock-in

The only way to avoid vendor lock-in through the transparent multicloud deployment.

Success stories

MELODIC suporrts different kind of applications – by calculating road traffic and people flow information, running apps for project management, work scheduling, contact management or even run bio-informatics applications that require huge amount of processing power to perform the tasks.

Research & Development

Cloud competences of companies in Poland 2020 – get to know the ins and outs of research developed in 2020. The results are enclosed in the report. The MELODIC platform is the result of a European Union funded research project (Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement 731664). More information and all public reports from the project is available on the static project website.

Partners and customers

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